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Buzz marketing

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Buzz marketing is a series of activities undertaken on the Internet that is to trigger a discussion about specific products or services. Thanks to this form of communication, you will reach a large group of recipients without generating high costs. We will prepare a communication strategy, using buzz marketing for you, and we will take care of its implementation. Use the potential of this form of promotion and gain new customers.
What can we do for you?
  • Strategy - We will develop a communication strategy for you, in which we will describe the assumptions, goals to be implemented and identify places (e.g. forums, social media), placement of statements, comments and recommendations. The strategy will take into account the specifics of your business and will also refer to the nature of the brand.
  • Implementation - we will monitor forums and social media to react and taking part in discussions on an ongoing basis, that are about topics related to your industry. Our task will be to discreetly recommend your products and services.

Choose buzz marketing and use its potential to attract new customers.

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