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Ecolight – LED screens

Ecolight is a network of outdoor LED screens in Warsaw. Ecolight is a method to increase the sales of your products and services, a perfect method to notify the customers about changes in your offers, and encourage them to buy right at that moment. Ecolight LED screens are located in strategic points in Warsaw, with thousands of potential customers passing by them every day.

Using prestigious locations of Cityboard Media, increases mediamix effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Piotr Jelonek, Key Account Manager Agencja Reklamowa CzART


With ecolight, static advertising spots change in 10-seconds sequences. Ecolight boards are equipped with comfortable and easy campaign planning systems, controlled online. Therefore, you can plan your campaign 24/7 or leave its planning to our specialists.

If you need advertising at a given place and time, this is the solution for you. You can plan broadcasting at a given time in order to reach a specific group of your future customers.

The most important features of the screens:

  • low costs of campaign execution
  • digital quality presentation
  • perfect visibility regardless of weather conditions (light intensity adjusted to weather conditions)
  • effective message customised according to the needs of the consumers
  • online campaign planning
  • adjustment of the advertisement to the time of the day
  • displaying various graphic designs in one advertising campaign
  • fast execution of the planned campaign
  • area of 9 m²
  • any length and intensity of the campaign


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