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Reklama na Twitterze
Twitter is a perfect platform to communicate with your clients. As many as 60% of Twitter users follow brands. You can be one of them. Twitter offers several advertising options. We will promote posts, video materials, landing pages, or collecting email addresses. We will use the potential of this tool to reach new clients and make a lasting relationship with them.
What we can do for you?
  • Accounts and posts promotion – it is one of the basic, advertising tools on Twitter. We will develop a promotion strategy for your brand, prepare posts, and plan their delivery.
  • Advertisement in Promoted Video form – we will take care of the promotion of your video on Twitter. You provide us with content, and we plan campaign, define the goal, groups of reach, and duration. In this format, you settle in the cost-per-view model.
  • Website Card Advertisement – We will develop and implement a campaign that will direct the traffic from Twitter to the landing page consisting of graphics, descriptions, and call to action buttons. In this model, you pay for clicks on your ad (cost-per-link-click).
  • Lead Gen Card form - Allows you to collect email addresses. We will develop and implement a campaign, in which clicking the call to action button will result in saving the email address in the advertiser's panel. In this format, you settle in a cost-per-lead model.

We will use Twitter's potential for your brand. We will deal with the promotion of posts, video materials, landing page or collecting e-mail addresses.

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