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LinkedIn is a perfect tool for employer branding and marketing. This social media brings together business people. We will target them with your ads, and create a community. We will develop a strategy for creating and placing posts for your business to build the image of the company that you expect. We will conduct regular and substantive communication with profile supporters. We will also take care of the implementation (planning, creation, coordination, report) of advertising activities on LinkedIn to direct traffic to your website and increase sales of your goods or services.
What we can do for you?
  • Account creation and strategy
    Account creation and strategy – we will create for you, an account on LinkedIn, then describe your company and take care of special keywords. Thanks to that, your profile will be well-positioned. We will also develop a communication strategy and create a posting schedule, prepare the content and make graphics.
  • Moderation
    We will take care of publishing posts, collecting opinions, moderating discussions and monitoring. Moreover, we will conduct regular, and substantive communication with profile supporters focused on gaining new fans.
  • Broadcasting of advertisements
    We will develop personalized text advertisements and sponsored posts for you, as well as Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn InMail. As a result, customers will find your website, and you will increase sales.

We will handle your LinkedIn brand profile.

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