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Website optimization, website positioning

Website optimization

Optymalizacja stron www
We will optimize your website so that it will be friendly to search engines and loads quickly. We will optimize the website code and rewrite it, edit or prepare new content, optimize graphics and PDFs, and we will introduce selected keywords in the right places. Your company's website will be search engine friendly, it will load quickly, and you will gain new customers. We will improve your website to better position it, attract new users and new customers.
What can we do for you?
  • Website code optimization - we will make the necessary corrections to the code so that, web robots can easily navigate around the site.
  • Optimization for mobile devices - we will optimize the mobile version of the website so that. it displays correctly on phones and tablets.
  • Content optimization - we will increase the content of keywords and prepare content that will be unique and valuable for users.
  • Optimization of titles, meta descriptions and H1-H6 - we will create descriptions and titles, that will improve the positioning of your website.
  • Graphics optimization – we will develop alternative descriptions, we will take care of the appropriate weight of files and their format.
  • Optimization of internal links - we will optimize links so that Google robots can freely move around the site.

We will optimize your website so that it is friendly to search engines

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