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E-PR is a great way to position your brand. By using tools available on the Internet, we will build the expected image of your brand or company. We will prepare a communication plan for you to build a positive image of your company, and to create an image of an expert, in a given industry in the minds of Internet users.
What we can do for you?
  • strategy - we will develop a communication plan for you, that will define priorities and goals to be implemented and ways, forms of communicating with the environment. We will adapt the strategy to the nature of your brand.
  • developing texts – we will prepare for you: press releases, interviews, reports, comments, expert texts and other forms, that will make people talk about your company
  • media relations – we will locate experts on the Internet media. They will answer journalists' questions and send press materials to online editorial offices. This will result, in building permanent and effective contacts with the media.
  • the reaction for the crisis - we will keep our hand on the pulse and react for the eventual crisis for your company. We will develop scenarios of conduct and indicate optimal solutions.

E-PR gives you the tools to build the image of an expert in a given industry in the minds of Internet users. Use this potential to acquire new customers.

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