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cityboard 6x3 m

Cityboard 6x3 m

Cityboard, a free standing board with a size of 6x3 m (billboard), is the main product of Cityboard Media. We are the first company to introduce that format to the Polish market. These billboards guarantee the highest reach and the best presentation. A frontlight option (lamp at the edge of the screen) provides excellent visibility, lights the entire board and does not create any shadowed parts. The ecoposter, with a surface providing much better presentation than paper, will improve the quality of your advertisement.

Outdoor advertising constitutes to be a very important element of our marketing communication. Thanks to it, we reach a large number of people every day.

Tomasz Nagot, Marketing Director, Mazda Motor Poland


Cityboard screens are located in places with very high traffic, so that your outdoor advertisement can reach a wide range of people. We have a few thousand cityboards all around Poland. We can tell you the number of people seeing your advertisement for each of those boards.

All cityboard 6x3 m screens are offered in the Premium version - free standing, lighted and maintained.

The most important features of cityboard screens:

  • standard large format advertisement board in Poland
  • Premium segment - high quality presentation, professional maintenance
  • frontlight type lighting guaranteeing perfect visibility of your advertisement at night
  • 24h presentation
  • locations in places with the highest traffic
  • extensive range - the advertisement reaches customers near your sales points
  • screens available in 69 cities
  • commercial space 18 m2 (6x3 m)
  • high effectiveness confirmed by examples - see the Case Study


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