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Website positioning is one of the most important marketing elements of any company today. SEO audit is the optimization of websites in terms of their search on the Internet. Based on the analysis of your website, we will prepare a specialist report for you, from which you will find out what is working properly and what requires corrections.

 You will learn, among other things, the content of keywords, user behavior, you will find out if your files (photos, PDF) are not too large and the page is not loading too slowly by browser standards.

Positioning websites and SEO audit

A website audit is an excellent starting point for activities related to website positioning. Free organic traffic can be the main source of website conversions. SEO optimization will help you increase traffic and develop your own business. Choose a web audit and find out what needs to be changed on your website to make it customer-friendly.

What does our SEO audit include?

  • Analysis of the page code correctness - incorrect code can make it difficult,t for search engine robots to read the content properly.
  • Analysis of website traffic and the behaviour of website visitors - you will find out, how many users visit the page, how much time they spend on it, what content they are interested in, what words they used in the search and from what sources valuable entries to the site come. This is one of the most important elements of website optimization.
  • Analysis of keywords and visibility in search results - you will find out on, which phrases the page is visible in the search results - in the top ten results, and what phrases with high search potential are outside the top ten results. We will compare the obtained results to your largest competitors.
  • Analyze the titles, meta descriptions, and H1-H6 headers of the home page and subpages - you will see if they contain keywords, are structured correctly and if they do not duplicate.
  • Analysis of the website in terms of the content of the home page and subpages - we will check if the texts are unique and contain important keywords in the right amount.
  • URL analysis - we will check if they are properly built. Proper URL structure is important for both search engine robots and website users.
  • Graphics analysis - you will find out if their size does not cause the page to load slowly, and if they have alternative descriptions.
  • Sitemap analysis - you will see if it exists and if it is friendly to robots analyzing its content.
  • Analysis of the website structure and internal links - we will check if they are optimized and visible to Google robots.
  • Analysis of external links - we will check the number and quality of links pointing to the site.
  • Analysis of the loading speed and adaptation of the website to mobile devices - You will find out, if the page loads fast enough, what slows it down, and if it displays properly on phones and tablets.

SEO audit is a great starting point for optimizing your website and improving its position in search engines

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