Gifs and stickers – an universal language of communication of the digital age

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Gifs and stickers

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They express the strength of the brand, express opinions, develop and entertain. These animated elements have become an indispensable way of expressing emotions, humour or attracting the attention of recipients. Stickers and gifs have appeared in places such as Facebook Messager, Facebook Story, Instastories, TikTok.

It is a great way to be entertained - 4 million hours of watching gifs and 100 million users a day. Messenger users send 22 million gifs everyday. GIPHY is the largest and most popular animation search engine. Interestingly, most users use gifs and stickers in social media and messengers. An account on GIPHY allows you to place branded projects (gifs and stickers.

Why is this tool so popular?

  • Gifs and stickers are an easy way to express emotions
  • These are pop culture clippings that show key scenes of movies, fairy tales, entertainment programs and advertising spots.
  • They play the role of decorating relations on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. They are an ideal solution for the professionalizing of communication and diversifying the message of brands in social media.
  • Influencers love them! Users do not perceive stickers as intrusive product placement.
  • They take advantage of the meme culture and provide much wider possibilities of communication thanks to the movable form.

How do we create original gifs?

Due to the purpose and the platform of use, we distinguish: gifs and stickers.

Moving Pictures

They are used to express emotions, attitudes or when we want to comment on a post, publication or statement.

Moving stickers

These short looping animations are used by users to emphasize their mood, marking attendance at an event, adherence to their values, or simply to make their videos and photos stand out.

Case study

Tour de Pologne

Show your competition that you are one step ahead of them. Choose gifs and stickers!

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