Advertising banners

Advertising banners, rich media, animated banners

Advertising banners

A banner is a very common form of advertising on the Internet. We will prepare a graphic design for you that will be aesthetic, will attract users' attention, encourage them to act and direct customers to your company's website. We know how to create static and animated designs, that will meet your expectations and encourage customers to visit your company's website.
What can we do for you?
  • Static banners
    We will design aesthetic banners (banner 468×60, billboard 750×100, inter-text box 300×250, skyscraper 120×600 and 160×600, half-page 300×600, square button 125×125, banners expand and cover the page) which will contain a call to action, they will be adapted to the environment of the website on which they appear, as well as consistent with the image of your brand. Thanks to this, you will gain new customers and develop your business.
  • Animated banners
    We will develop for you animated banners, that will catch the eyes of users, they will encourage you to click and be taken to your website. The moving picture gets users' attention faster and makes them more involved - with the ad they are watching.
  • Rich Media
    Rich media allows you to place videos, photos, forms or references to social media in one banner. Our graphic designers will prepare a multifunctional, highly engaging banner that will allow you to attract new customers.

We will prepare an aesthetic banner that encourages customers to act for you. In this way, you will attract new customers.

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