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superbacklight 12x4 m

Superbacklight 12x4 m

Superbacklight screens with size of 12x4 m, are lighted from the inside using an ecological, energy saving system of LED diodes. This solution - designed and implemented by Cityboard Media - is exceptional because of the optimum location of diodes, guaranteeing even lighting accros the entire screen, presenting all graphic and information elements of the poster in the best possible way. Backlight provides additional creative opportunities: for example the “day&night” effect using the double printing technology - you can present two versions of the poster depending on the time of the day.

Large format advertising is a reasonable choice which results in a constant presence in the minds of our customers. We focus on boards located in proven places because, together with appropriate posters preparation, it results in a continuously growing interest in the offer of Factory Annopol

Agnieszka Wrońska, Site Marketing & PR Coordinator, Factory Annopol


Superbacklight is available as a board with a freestanding structure.

Superbacklight boards are located in Warsaw, along main driving routes, routes leading to shopping centres, business areas and large housing areas.

The most important features of superbacklight screens:

  • 48 m² of commercial space
  • internal LED lighting guaranteeing perfect visibility of your large format advertisement
  • panoramic advertisement versions emphasising the uniqueness of your advertisement
  • precisely selected locations at strategic points in Warsaw allow reaching a specific target group
  • Premium segment - high quality presentation
  • advertisement presented at night and during the day


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