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Instagram is an instrument, which offers you the opportunity to gain your information to new clients. Instagram posts will encourage people to visit your website, watch your videos, or download the application.
Thanks to the campaign, on this social networking site, you will present your products and services by using interesting animations. You set the monthly budget for your campaign - we are working and operate within it, and deal with the preparation, planning, and coordination of campaigns. Thanks to Instagram advertising, you can increase the sales of your wares and services.
What we can do for you?
  • Instagram is a part of Facebook, so the management of ads in each of these media is done through Facebook implements. We will integrate your accounts to an effectively manage them, and create consistent marketing communication.
  • We will determine the optimal campaign goal for your business. Instagram can direct traffic to your site, encourage people to watch a movie or to install the application.
  • We will create an optimal target group. Thanks to the data collected by Facebook, we will select users for example: with specific interests or place of residence.
  • We will prepare for you interesting post content and engaging graphics. We will take care of you’re A/B tests, campaign coordination, and monitoring the effects.

Use your advertisement potential, build relations with your clients and develop your business.

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