Cityboard Media does not only mean billboards

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Cityboard Media does not only mean billboards. We offer comprehensive support in other areas as well, ensuring that your campaign is successful.

Our offer includes:

  • OOH remarketing uses the synergy between the outdoor and digital media. It consists in broadcasting banner advertisements on mobile websites and applications to the recipients who come into contact with the advertisement in the outdoor medium.
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  • Designing your poster. Our graphic specialists form an experienced group of professionals who know how to design a poster for outdoor use. Do you already have a designed poster? If you do, we will offer a consultation of your design and suggest solutions to ensure it meets outdoor requirements.
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  • Ecoposter is a unique printing surface. Why is it exceptional? You can remove an ecoposter from the screen and use it in another place. It provides a much better presentation than paper, and is 100% recyclable.
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  • Non-standard elements significantly increase recognition of your campaign. Our graphic specialists will design elements that distinguish your advertisement, and will let you win new customers.
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