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Reklama na LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a portal that specializes in professional and business contacts. Thanks to advertising on LinkedIn, you will reach a specific target group, sponsored updates and text advertising will keep you in touch with your customers. You will inform them about recruitments, planned ventures, or services offered. You will gain financially and image-wise.
What we can do for you?
  • Strategy – we will create an advertising communication plan, which will define the goals, ways of achieving them, and the period in which we undertake an activity. The strategy will take into account the nature of your brand and the overall communication strategy.
  • Advertisement preparing – we will create for you, the whole graphics and text for ad formats available on LinkedIn. We will present you suggestions, from which you will choose as the best option.
  • Planning - we will determine precisely the group of customers who will receive your ads. Recipients can be divided according to e.g. industry, department, position, education, or place of residence.
  • Coordination and analytics - we will observe campaign statistics (in terms of achieved range, generated commands, observations, and comments) and modify its settings to make it as effective as possible.

Thanks to LinkedIn advertising, you will reach preciously to the special target group, and sponsored updates and Text advertising will keep you in touch with your customers.

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