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Why is outdoor advertising useful? What are the costs of a billboard and an advertising campaign? What is the number of contacts reached? We are here to answer all your questions. There is no answer to your question? Write to us - we will contact you, provide advice and explain the issues you want to know more about.


Outdoor advertising

External advertising is any form of advertising installed outside the building. Other names for such advertising include OOH - out of home or outdoor. Large format advertising means external advertising in large format (billboards), for example 6x3 m screens cityboard or 12x4 m screens supercityboard.


Advertising boards are available for everyone - starting from private persons who use one board (for example to publish their personal wishes), through campaigns visible in a few locations directing their customers (for example to a café), to much larger campaigns. You should be aware that the price of a campaign is affected by its date, duration, and location of the advertising board. For example: if you are planning a 28-days long campaign at a screen in the centre of a large city, visible in December, the costs of reaching the potential customers will be higher than in the case of 14-days long campaign, visible in February, at a screen placed by a road leading to a small town.


The campaigns are installed at the screens in accordance with the agreed dates, for example on 1, 14/15 day of the month (provided that all requirements of the agreement are met until that date). To start a campaign, it is necessary to: print the posters and deliver them to us (ecoposters or paper posters), sign the documentation and pay for the services (before the campaign is launched). If you provide the posters, you should deliver them (together with 20% as a reserve) to our warehouse, five working days before they are placed. If we print the posters, you should send a graphic design consistent with the specifications, seven working days before the campaign begins. If we conduct the entire campaign, we act according to the schedule agreed upon with you.

In exceptional situations beyond our control, for example rainfall, frost, strong wind, the period required for placing the posters may be longer. We will inform you about such changes as soon as possible.

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