Megacityboard 18x9 m

Megacityboard has a size of 18x9 m, and is located in Warsaw, at the crossing of Aleje Jerozolimskie and ul. Łopuszańska. Aleje is one of the main routes going through the commercial and business centre of Warsaw.

Our goal was to present the product to the highest number of potential customers in selected cities and Cityboard Media allowed us to reach that goal.

Tomasz Kwaśniewski, Manager Mosso Kwaśniewscy Sp.J.


Megacityboard consists of two screens. The first one (visible for people leaving Warsaw and driving in the direction of Pruszków - A1, A2, S7, S8 roads) is a backlight screen lighted from the inside using a system of ecological, energy saving LED diodes. It is equipped with an additional 18x1.5 m display where both text and graphics can be presented. Backlight and specialised poster printing on a vinyl surface allows for the presentation of two different or combined poster elements - during day and night. Therefore, you can prepare different messages, increasing the attractiveness of you advertisement. The display content is controlled electronically from the Cityboard Media headquarters, which allows changing the content of your advertisement.

The second screen is a classic frontlight, lighted from the bottom, with an additional advertising panel where you can display periodical promotions or change the advertising slogans. Megacityboard is an example of large format advertising strengthening your campaign and making it unique.

The most important features of megacityboard screens:

  • the largest freestanding advertising space in Poland - 162 m² , wymiary 18x9 m
  • available in two versions:
    - backlight with internal LED lighting and an additional electronic display (18 x 1.5 m)
    - frontlight with external lighting and an additional lighted panel (19 x 2 m)
  • located in places with the highest traffic, guarantees reaching the customers
  • Premium segment - high quality presentation
  • advertisement is presented at night and during the day
  • prestigious board strengthening the message of your campaign


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