Advertising campaign planning

Step by step

Campaign planning

Do you wish to increase your sales, build your brand recognition or reach new customers? Regardless of your budget and operation range, we can prepare efficient communication solutions. We will assist you in every stage of the preparation and execution of your outdoor advertising campaign. Our consultants are at your disposal – Contact us..

Your needs

Tell us what you need, what is your goal or your concern - we will find you an optimum resolution. First of all:
  • we will define your target groups to effectively communicate with your customers
  • we will determine the range of your outdoor advertising campaign
  • we will analyse the market situation
  • we will select the format of advertising boards to suit your needs
  • we will consult graphic designs
  • we will advise you on effective solution concerning outdoor advertising
  • ask about our offer

Select a city or a region

Our offer

We will prepare the most effective solution for your business and show you where we would place the boards with your posters. Therefore:
  • we will develop an operating strategy
  • in the dedicated campaign management service (TdK), we will provide you with selected locations
  • we will select the most optimal advertising boards, considering such factors as the number of contacts they generate, the most current available public utility-point databas (the so-called points of interest - for example shopping centres, catering points), and city plans

Our products

Your campaign

Your opinion is important, so:
  • we verify the selected locations and modify them according to your suggestions, when needed
  • we confirm the size and range of the advertising campaign together with you, so that your campaign is its most effective
  • we prepare all necessary documentation

General terms and conditions of advertising campaign

Your design

We focus on professionalism, and a comprehensive operation. We know that your outdoor advertisement should meet specific criteria to be effective. In the next step:
  • we will design your poster. Our graphic specialists form an experienced group of professionals who know how to design the best poster for outdoor use
  • • we will oversee the advertisement design, to ensure its legibility and proper placement
  • we will check effectiveness of graphic creation
  • we will recommend proven and effective non-standard solutions (2D and 3D)
  • we will prepare all materials for printing
  • if you have a custom design/graphic, we offer a consultation on your design and will suggest adjustments to it as needed, to meet the outdoor requirements

Graphic designs

Our work

At this stage, we begin the campaign, namely:
  • we print posters in proven, specialised printing houses of large format advertisements
  • we install the posters within one day (after the conditions specified in the agreement are met)
  • we verify that placement and presentation quality are made on time
  • we will prepare photo documentation of your advertising campaign
  • we monitor the campaign (24h) so that your outdoor advertisement always looks perfect

Case Study

Your results

Outdoor advertising provides you with:
  • effective communication with your target group - because of outdoor advertising, you reach your potential customers directly, and we can inform you how many people saw your advertisement
  • effective promotion of your company, brand, and products - confirmed by outdoor advertising effectiveness surveys, conducted by recognised research institutes


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