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Mobile marketing – precise targeting of advertising campaigns

geotargetowanie mobile
We provide the service of placing your advertisement on mobile applications and services. Thanks to the integration of many ad networks, we receive information from more than 200 000 apps and 15 000 000 websites. Collection and usage of data are verified by Deloitte Consulting. All activities complain with the GDPR, entered into force on May 25, 2019.

Mobile marketing guarantees that your advertisement reaches a selected group of customers.

Using the synergy of media you can link mobile ad to OOH. Your client sees the billboard ad and receives the same message on mobile device. This connection works towards your campaign recognition and potentially increases the willingness of product/service purchase.

If there is no OOH media in your desire location , we will prepare “virtual media” for you. We choose a point on the map (based on geographical coordinates) and your ads will be served to selected users on the mobile devices in the selected radius.

What we can do for you?
  • Campaigns addressed to users of mobile applications and services
    Based on the analyzed and profiled data from the mobile channel, we execute advertising campaigns targeted at exactly defined groups of phone and tablet users. Your ad can reach the audience of your choice based on 362 information about a single user. Data are collected and updated in real-time. Mobile marketing will help directly deliver an advertising campaigns to your potential clients.
  • Research on consumer behavior
    Our system allows you to examine the consumer behavior. Data are obtained continuously, show how mobile device users move around the city and spend their time. You will find out number of people in a given city or zone with their demographic details (demographic and behavioral data).
  • Smart Mobile Ads
    A service of ad broadcasting on mobile devices with an active SIM card in the T-Mobile network. An advertisement SMS or MMS will be sent to persons who have agreed to GIODO regulations. Up to 1 advertising message per 2 weeks is expected to receive. Your ad will reach 4 million customers from the PRIVATE segment and 1.5 million clients from the BUSINESS segment.
  • Take advantage of the Smart Mobile Ads potentials and attract new customers.

Thanks to geotargeting, you will reach to New clients.

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