Internet activity monitoring


Internet monitoring

One of the basic tools for building a competitive advantage is information. If you have information about what your competition is doing, whether someone is currently mentioning your business or evaluating your brand, then you are one step forward. Internet monitoring is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse and attract new customers.
Internet monitoring tools allow you to get information very quickly. You choose the phrases you are interested in, and the system generates reports that show on which pages they are using. The phrase can be not only the name of your company or brand but also a group of products. If you set the phrase in the monitoring system, for example, "I'm looking for a flat in Warsaw", we will provide you with a report showing where (forums, social media), such a query appeared. This way you can get customers quickly.
Start monitoring the internet today.
What will you gain thanks to internet monitoring?
  • Information about your company
    You will be informed about all mentions of your company or brand that appear on the internet.
  • New customers
    From the monitoring, you will find out, if anyone is currently looking for products or services that you offer
  • Competition information
    You will learn about your competitors' activities and learn how they are perceived and how they communicate.

Monitor the development of your business and increase sales

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