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OOH remarketing – reaching the outdoor campaign recipients point blank

OOH remarketing uses the synergy between the outdoor and digital media. It consists in broadcasting banner advertisements on mobile websites and applications to the recipients who come into contact with the advertisement in the outdoor medium. Additional possibilities of advertising support are offered by mobile marketing which allows reaching strictly defined recipient groups.

Remarketing OOH

Thanks to integration of many advertising networks, we obtain information from over 200,000 applications and 15,000,000 websites. Your advertisement may reach the target group of your choosing. You can define it on the basis of 362 pieces of information about a single user. The data are gathered and updated in real time.


OOH remarketing will help you target advertising campaigns accurately. Are you starting a new business? We will find clients for you. Are you planning outdoor campaigns? We will tell you who your advertisement reaches and who passes by the media with your creations.

After entering the address in the web browser and selecting the search radius (from 250 m to 2.5 km), the user receives information about the daily number of individuals in the given location, their demographics and behavioural profile (specified based on data from the last 12 months).

The functioning of data and data usage has been verified by Deloitte Consulting. All activities are carried out according to GDPR which entered into force on 25 May 2019.

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