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South Region

South Region includes małopolskie, świętokrzyskie, podkarpackie and dolnośląskie provinces. It is one of the best connected areas in Poland - with a developed network of roads. The area includes such cities as Wrocław and Kraków - key places for the Polish economy and culture. Advertising space in that region is particularly valuable for entrepreneurs. Large numbers of tourists mean that the outdoor advertising reaches an extensive group of customers.

A developed network of large format advertising boards offered by Cityboard Media in the South Region constitutes an excellent tool to promote your products and services. Outdoor advertising delivers information about your business to new customers. Kraków and Wrocław are full of life, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, guests and entrepreneurs.

Screens available in the South Region:

Because of outdoor advertising, information about your business reaches new customers and your profits increase.

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Karol Malinowski
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