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Advertising campaigns on Spotify

Reklama na Spotify

Spotify advertising is a perfect advertisement option. Each of us listens to music, and more and more people do it through Spotify. The service allows you to listen to music using cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions, consoles, or in the car. Thanks to audio advertising on this website you will reach information with a specific target group. Mobile advertising will make it easy to direct them to your website and increase sales.


Spotify ads – forms and formats

Audio ads are the most popular format on this platform. They are available on all devices intended for promotion by the application developer. This advertising format affects users the most effectively as it stimulates two of our senses. i.e. sight and hearing. In addition to the spot, the application guarantees the display of a clickable banner (Audio Everywhere).

Graphic ads – this well-known and popular advertising format obviously could not be omitted by Spotify. Multiple graphic formats are available, e.g. a banner (Leaderboard) visible at all times on our control screen.

Audio Everywhere
Audio Everywhere

Video ads (Video Takeover) are displayed during breaks between songs and when a user browses for music or podcasts. Every ad is accompanied by a CTA banner.

Video Takeover
Video Takeover

Thanks to the Spotify advertising, you will get to the information a precisely defined target group, easily redirect them to your website and increase sales.

How do we implement campaigns on Spotify?
  • Campaign planning
    We will develop an advertising communication strategy for you in Spotify. The website guarantees an accurate definition of the target group e.g. due to interests, place of residence, type of music chosen, or the way and time of listening. We will specify the group and plan an effective campaign.
  • Realization
    Spotify gives you the option of audio, video, and display ads. We will choose a form suitable for the message and we will deal with their issue. Your audio ads will appear between the songs you are listening and the video and display on user's accounts.
  • Monitoring
    We will monitor the effects of the campaign and prepare a report on it for you.

Case Study - Advertising campaigns on Spotify

Case study Spotify
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