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Obsługa Facebooka
Conducting a fanpage on Facebook is a great form of communication with customers. In Cityboard Media, we will develop a communication strategy for you, that will consist of the nature of your brand. An effective fanpage on Facebook will build permanent relationships with clients, that will translate into the sale of your products and services. We will take care of everything related to conducting a corporate Facebook. You, just have to accept the materials and enjoy the effects - we will do the rest. Use the sales power of Facebook fanpage.
Company Facebook is not only a communication tool. It is primarily a database of customers who are interested in your products or services. By using remarketing, advertising tools or data analysis, you can develop a fanpage into a sales page. Conducting a Facebook page is an activity that requires constant attention. Replies to comments, reactions to posts, notifications, content optimization and adapting it to the current Facebook requirements, make it a task for the entire group of people. However, you do not have to deal with this. That is what we are for. Entrust us with your fanpage. It will be a pleasure to run it!

Effective Facebook fanpage!

  • Strategy
    we will develop a communication plan for your brand on Facebook. We will create a posting schedule, prepare content, create graphics so that, the communication will be consistent with the character of your brand and brings you benefits.
  • Moderation
    We will publish posts, moderate discussions and monitoring the Internet. We will announce and conduct competitions on Facebook. Moreover, we will react in crises, and above all, conduct regular and substantive communication with profile supporters focused on gaining new fans.
  • Ads emission
    Facebook Ads allow creating personalized advertisements, encouraging them to leave leads or contact your customers. We will tell you how to use social media to increase your sales.
  • Creating coverage
    We will use all the tools (creating notes, our Story, the application "Make me call"), that Facebook gives to build mass reach and communicate effectively with your customers.

We will professionally handle your brand profile on Facebook.

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