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  • Location: province wielkopolskie
  • With OOH advertising, you can reach over 500,000 people
  • In Poznań, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
Do you wish to expand your business? Invest in outdoor advertising in Poznań. You will see that it is an excellent solution. Over 100,000 companies have their registered offices in Poznań. Large format advertising in Poznań guarantees finding new business partners, suppliers, and customers. Poznań is a developing educational, cultural, touristic, and athletic centre. The city is the seat of Lech Poznań football club, which challenges in the national championship every year, and attracts many fans. Large format advertising presents information about your business to these potential customers, and increases your profits.
Screens available in Poznań:
Do you wish to expand your customer base? Outdoor advertising makes it very simple. International events, such as the Malta festival, and the Poznań fairs, attract crowds of tourists, visitors, and investors. Outdoor advertising allows quick development of your company’s range, in reaching new customers. Besides, the city has a developed network of roads - A2 highway, national and provincial roads, an international airport, and railway lines, all help to make large format advertising in Poznań very effective and profitable. Do not wait, order outdoor in Poznań now!
Selected screens in Poznań:
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