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Campaign promoting board games
Alexander creates toys and board games for children. We presented the brand on social media so as to build brand recognition and incite customers to buy its products. The advertising concept was based on the promotion of its games, an ideal Christmas present.
We engaged users through the creation of digital stickers. As part of the TikTok campaign, we created animations which generated millions of views. We also collaborated with a dozen or so influencers on that platform. The content generated many positive reactions and had over 120 000 views. We exceeded the guaranteed reach and ad impressions on Facebook and Instagram twice. The reach of the ads on TikTok was 18 times higher than forecast and we exceeded the number of impressions 26 times. Thanks to our December campaign, the products were flying off the shelves.
  • Company: Alexander
  • Brand: Board games
  • Goal: building awareness and increasing sales over the Christmas period
  • Products used: digital stickers, influencer marketing, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads
  • Creation: Cityboard Digital
  • Implementation: Cityboard Digital
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