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Wafle Familijne


Wafle Familijne campaign
Our collaboration with Colian concerned the Wafle Familijne brand. In our campaign for Wafle Familijne, we focused on refreshing the image of the snack and showing the wafers as an ideal element of watching films with the whole family.
Our concept consisted in creating digital stickers and AR/VR masks which were used in interactions on Facebook and Instagram. Our proposal for Colian consisted in creating a “forehead” mask with the words “Which wafer are you?” and creating graphics of the wafers as famous film heroes. To promote this, we used influencers and Facebook Ads, among other tools.
We directed the generated traffic to a specially created landing page on the Film Web site. The campaign was a resounding success. The number of clicks exceeded the client’s expected KPI by a factor of three. As part of the agreed budget, we exceeded the number of ad views by 6 million.
  • Company: Colian
  • Brand: Wafle Familijne
  • Goal: refreshing the image and building reach
  • Products used: digital stickers, AR/VR masks, influencer marketing
  • Creation: Cityboard Digital
  • Implementation: Cityboard Digital
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