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Med Polonia


Campaign for a network of medical clinics in Poznań
We have been working with Med Polonia since 2019. We support them in managing their web page, content marketing, and social media activities, above all on Facebook.
We are preparing a series of thematic cycles. Each of them features interesting facts, tips, medical myths, as well as offers and promotions. Communication on the profile is continuous and the goal is to build awareness of the brand and the services it offers.
These organic activities, supported by a small advertising budget, are aimed at building reach, generating traffic to the site, increasing the number of appointments or attracting new staff. Over the last year, we have noted an increase in page likes by over 1300 (nearly 30% in terms of the profile) and the conversion rate of some campaigns in January and February reached over 1200 redirects to the page.
  • Company: Med Polonia
  • Services: patient treatment and preventative care
  • Goal: building awareness, increasing sales of services
  • Products used: Facebook Ads, organic Facebook messaging, web site management
  • Creation: Cityboard Digital
  • Implementation: Cityboard Digital
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