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We have been creating digital projects for the automotive sector for the last few years. We build websites, create visual identities and support companies in advertising on social media.
Car Lux
Car Lux is a brand which deals with auto detailing, namely cleaning cars so thoroughly that they look as if they have just left the showroom. We prepared a new website for them, complete with keywords, titles, appropriate descriptions and all the other elements which have an effect on positioning, so that Car Lux can gain new customers.
For Borygo, we prepared the branding for a new line of car cosmetics. To promote the products, we used content marketing and Facebook and Instagram ads, among other tools. Our goal was to extend the reach of ads. We exceeded the estimated reach by over 40% and the number of views by more than 30%.
  • Companies: Car Lux and Borygo
  • Goal: building awareness and creating a visual identity
  • Products used: content marketing, website, visual identity, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads
  • Creation: Cityboard Digital
  • Implementation: Cityboard Digital
Cityboard Digital

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