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  • Location: Zachodniopomorskie province
  • Your advertisement will be seen by over 405,000 people
  • In Szczecin, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media
Szczecin is the economic center of its region. Are you looking for business partners, new suppliers, and new customers? In Szczecin, the Industrial Park is developing dynamically, with 65 companies and over 13,000 employees. Let them learn about your business and use large format advertising. Do you wish to increase the number of your clients? Thanks to outdoor advertising in Szczecin, your business and what you offer will become known to both local people, and all visitors to the city. Due to its location near the German border and the Baltic Sea, which can be reached by the Odra river and the Szczecin Lagoon, it enjoys huge popularity among tourists as well as businesses. The sea port welcomes shipowners from the whole world.
Screens available in Szczecin:
Szczecin is a very well-connected city, it lies on the route of the Trans-European North-South transport corridor, joining southern Scandinavia, Czech Republic, and Austria with Mediterranean ports. Heavy car traffic guarantees that thanks to outdoor advertising located at key road points, your information will reach new customers. Do not wait any longer and invest in the growth of your business today.
Selected screens in Szczecin:
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