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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Over 59,000 Będzin residents will see your advertisement
  • In Będzin, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Będzin is located in the eastern part of Śląskie province, within the Upper Silesian Industrial Region and the Katowice urban area, with over 3.5 million residents. This location guarantees a large sales market for your products or services. Should you decide to advertise on CityBoard Media carriers, your business will be known to customers from other parts of Silesia, and many more travelling through Będzin (located at the juncture of two important highways: national road no. 94 from Wrocław to Cracow, and national road no. 86 from Katowice to Warsaw, joining the international expressway S1/E75).

It is a great region for development of micro-, small- and medium-sized companies. There are approximately 6.6 thousand companies registered in Bedzin, with more than 98% of them belonging to the SME sector. Each of these businesses can potentially become your client. They just need exposure to you, which is guaranteed by large-format advertising
Screens available in Będzin:
Będzin is not just an industrial city. The Castle of Będzin, the Holy Trinity Church, Mieroszewscy Palace, the cellars, or Dorotka Hill, all attract thousands of tourists to the city. Every visitor will be able to see what you offer. Thanks to outdoor advertising in Będzin, your business will spread its wings.
Selected screens in Będzin:
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