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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Over 170,000 residents will learn about your business
  • In Bielsko-Biała, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Bielsko-Biała – you should invest in outdoor advertising here, as it is one of the best economically developed cities in Poland. According to Forbes rankings, it placed second (in the category “Cities with 150-300 thousand residents”) in the list of cities most attractive for business. Located within the limits of Bielsko-Biała, are four areas of the Katowice Special Economic Zone. More than 150 companies have created over 30,000 jobs here. Thanks to outdoor advertising, you will gain publicity; other entrepreneurs, business partners, suppliers and your potential clients will learn about your business. You will increase profits and further develop your company.

The vicinity of the Upper Silesian urban area and Cracow, as well as Ostrava in the Czech Republic, and Žilina in Slovakia, all make Bielsko-Biała an important cross-border development center. Outdoor advertising will allow you to reach these guests, entrepreneurs and tourists visiting the city.
Screens available in Bielsko-Biała:
Bielsko-Biała is also an attractive tourist location. The Beskidy Historic Vehicles Rally, the Air Picnic, Jazz Autumn, Zadymka Jazzowa – are just some events attracting active, mobile, well-travelled people to the city. Thanks to our outdoor advertising program, you will easily reach them with.
Selected screens in Bielsko-Biała:
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