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  • Location: Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province
  • More than 120 000 residents of Elbląg shall learn about your products and services
  • In Elbląg you can run your campaigns on such advertising media as cityboards
Elbląg Channel with its famous inclines is, according to Rzeczpospolita, one of Seven Wonders of Poland, recognized by the President of Poland as a historic monument. The channel together with Druzno Lake located nearby attracts tens of thousands of tourists and visitors to the city. Outdoor advertising shall enable all those who come to see the Elbląg Channel to learn about your business.

Elbląg attracts, however, not only tourists but also entrepreneurs. Such companies as General Electric and Żywiec Group have their registered offices in town. There is also the Warmińsko-Mazurska Special Economic Zone. Economic recovery shall make you easily find new business partners and customers. Don’t wait! Invest in large format advertising as fast as possible!
Screens available in Elbląg:
The city encourages small business and trade. There are 7 shopping malls, 3 hypermarkets, 4 electronic markets and 24 discount food stores. The city trade also attracts dwellers of neighbouring villages and towns. Outdoor advertising in Elbląg shall enable you to reach all of them with your products and services.
Selected screens in Elbląg:
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