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  • Location: province pomorskie
  • Over 460,000 who can learn about your company
  • In Gdańsk, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
Outdoor advertising in Gdańsk, guarantees reaching new customers, and therefore increasing profits for your business. Why it is worth using large format advertising in Gdańsk? First, it is a dynamic maritime economic centre, with a large commercial port. The city is visited by entrepreneurs and investors who will learn about your business, gaining you new customers. Second, Gdańsk is also the cultural, scientific, and economic centre for the region (over 50,000 companies operate in the area), attracting thousands of young, well-educated, and affluent people. They can be your customers, they just need to hear about you. Third, the city has an international airport, and a developed network of roads and highways (among others the European route, and express roads). It allows the inhabitants of Gdańsk, and all its visitors to learn about your business. You can vastly expand your customer base.
Screens available in Gdańsk:
Fourth, in 2015, Gdańsk was visited by over 6 million tourists; the largest international amber and amber-products fairs in the world take place here. Each of them can become your customer. Fifth, nothing else arouses such emotions like sport - Gdańsk is the seat of Lechia football club. Large format advertising allows fans and sponsors to learn about your business. Do not hesitate, and invest in advertising boards in Gdańsk.
Selected screens in Gdańsk:
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