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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • More than 92,000 residents of Jaworzno will learn about your products and services
  • In Jaworzno, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Jaworzno is a city well-connected with the rest of the country. The A4 motorway (part of the trans-European E40 route) runs through the city, connecting the eastern, and the western borders of the country. There is also the S1 expressway (part of the trans-European E75 route), going from Gdańsk to Cieszyn, and national road no. 79 from Warsaw to Bytom. Thanks to this location, visitors from the whole country travel through the city. Outdoor advertising will allow you to inform them about your products and services. Use this opportunity.

The largest stained-glass composition in Europe, decorating the front wall of St. Adalbert's and St. Catherine's Collegiate Church, the historic church in Szczakowa (19th/20th century), the Lusatian culture settlement, the former slaughterhouse in Mroczka street, and the historic well, are sites attracting thousands of visitors and tourist to Jaworzno and its vicinity. Thanks to large format advertising, both its residents, and tourists will get to know your business.
Screens available in Jaworzno:
The Orka watersports center, the marketplace, a bowling center, a cultural center, a new swimming pool, parks, and athletic facilities, are all elements that help ensure Jaworzno residents spend their free time actively, and outdoors. Thanks to outdoor advertising, you will reach these people with information about your business, and increase your sales.
Selected screens in Jaworzno:
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