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  • Location: province śląskie
  • Over 300,000 inhabitants will see your OOH advertisement
  • In Katowice, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
Advertising boards in Katowice guarantee effective communication with your customers. Do you wish to reach new companies? Katowice has a very low unemployment rate (around 4 %), with many companies from the IT sector - you can present your message to companies with affluent customers. Do you wish to expand your client base? Katowice has a developed transport network because of its proximity to main national and international routes (A4 highway, European roads E40, E75, E462, and railway lines). Outdoor advertising will present your message to new customers.
Screens available in Katowice:
Does your target group include young people? Katowice organises the videogame world championships. OOH advertising will let you reach them. There are also various cultural events - Katowice attracts hundreds of thousands of music fans every year, among others to Rawa Blues Festival, Metalmania, Mayday Festival, Tauron New Music Festival, Off Festival, and Śląsk Jazz Festival. Additionally, Katowice is the seat of the National Symphonic Orchestra, the best Music Academy in Poland, and the Gardens City - Krystyna Bochenek Culture Institution. These attractions bring many tourists who can become your customers. Let them notice you, focus on outdoor advertising.
Selected screens in Katowice:
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