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  • Location: Zachodniopomorskie province
  • Your advertisement will reach more than 100 000 residents
  • In Koszalin, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Do you wish to reach active, and high-earning people? The most influential demographic in Koszalin, are those aged 30-34 (young people), with stable jobs, many with children, and willing to spend their money in restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. They often commute through the city, going to school, work, and shopping centres. Thanks to outdoor advertising in Koszalin, they will get to know what you can offer. Koszalin is a city where operating a business is easy. See for yourself and go with large format advertising in Koszalin.

Do you wish to find new clients for your business? During summer holidays, Koszalin is visited by many tourists and guests. The city center lies just 11 km from the Baltic Sea, and the whole Old Town area was entered into the register of monuments, and is a point on the European Route of Brick Gothic. Thanks to outdoor advertising in Koszalin, visitors and tourists coming to the city will get to know you can offer, and your profits will soar.
Screens available in Koszalin:
Koszalin is also one of the major economic centers in the Pomerania region. A subzone of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone was established here. More than 17,000 companies operate within the city. Give your business a chance and let other entrepreneurs learn about your company. They, too, can become your clients.
Selected screens in Koszalin:
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