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  • Location: province małopolskie
  • Over 760,000 people who can learn about your company
  • In Kraków, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
Monuments, the prestigious Jagiellonian University, the historical Jewish district, are all very popular among tourists. The city also boasts two football clubs participating in the national championships, and a successful women’s basketball team. These are just a few of the businesses, touristic, and cultural attractions of Kraków. Additionally, there are large events, concerts, and social celebrations, attracting hundreds of thousands of people who will be exposed to your business through our advertising boards in Kraków.
Screens available in Kraków:
International corporations have their branches here too, and employ nearly 40,000 people. These are mainly affluent, middle-class people who are happy to spend their time shopping. They can become your customers will learn about your business, through our outdoor advertising campaign in Kraków. Besides, Kraków has a developed transportation network - it is connected to the rest of the country through national and European roads (national road no. 7, national road no. 44, national road no. 75, national road no. 79, national road no. 94, the A4 highway), railway, and air connections (Kraków-Balice airport). This is an excellent opportunity for your company - you can reach customers from other cities and regions in Poland. Your business can enter a new dimension.
Selected screens in Kraków:
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