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  • Location: Lubelskie province
  • Thanks to outdoor media, your advertisement will be seen by over 340,000 people.
  • In Lublin, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media.
Lublin is the largest city in Poland east of the Vistula river. This is a perfect place to operate a business. Do you wish your advertising to reach local people, or tourists attending the city’s numerous cultural events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions? Try outdoor advertising in Lublin, where as many as 12 museums, 14 theaters, 10 galleries and 7 cinemas are located. Do you need to take your message to active people, appreciating the city’s attractions, who are often well-travelled and take great care of their health? Choose outdoor advertising in Lublin, a city with 110 km of cycling paths, 12 parks and green squares, 6 sports facilities, the Botanical Garden of Maria Curie, Skłodowska University, Litewski Square, the Old City, or Castle Hill.
Screens available in Lublin:
Are you planning to expand your client base to include person on the move, interested in world cultures, who often travel for business or pleasure? Go with outdoor advertising in Lublin, having an international airport, an excellent communications network, and connections to national and international roads S12, S17, S19. Each person visiting Lublin will learn about what you offer, and your sales will increase because of it. Do not wait, give your business a chance and invest in large format advertising in Lublin.
Selected screens in Lublin:
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