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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Over 74,000 residents of Mysłowice will learn about your business
  • In Mysłowice, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Mysłowice is a place worth visiting. It invests in culture development. Going for a walk through the streets of Mysłowice, you can see murals by Edward Dwurnik, and Wilhelm Sasnal. Music bands such as Myslovitz, Negatyw, Penny Lane or Lenny Valentino, come from Mysłowice. Events such as the Mediawave Multimedia Festival, and AlterFest attract visitors from Poland and Europe. Outdoor advertising will allow you to reach new clients and increase profits.

The A4 motorway and the S1 expressway go through the city to Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, and Bielsko-Biała. Thanks to large format advertising, customers from other cities will learn about your business.
Screens available in Mysłowice:
One of the key groups of residents are people aged 30-34. This is a perfect target group for your business, because these are young people, often parents with children, with stable jobs, who can afford to spend money on various goods and services. Large format advertising will ensure that they will learn about what you offer. You will gain new clients and boost your profits.
Selected screens in Mysłowice:
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