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  • Location: Wielkopolskie province
  • Over 74,000 residents of Piła will learn about your business
  • In Piła, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Piła is a good place for business. The city offers a special economic zone, a broad range of investment areas, as well as a perfect technical infrastructure for all who wish to develop their business. Due to its advantageous location and specialized employees, companies such as PZU S.A., and Philips Lighting Poland have established their outsourcing centers in Piła. Interestingly enough, an airport with an area of 320 ha, and having one of the longest runways in Poland, is also located in Pila; it is presently used for business and sport flights. There is much going on in business sector here. Should you decide to place outdoor advertising in Piła, what you offer will be seen by other entrepreneurs, who might become your clients. Give yourself a chance.

Also located in Piła are companies from the electronic, electric-utility, and printing sectors; those providing staffing, financial, and accounting services, as well as companies from the transport and logistics sectors.
Screens available in Piła:
Excellent road connections with Poznań and Szczecin, low labor costs, the vicinity of universities (more than 4.5 thousand students attending three universities), all make Piła a good place to promote your business. Large format advertising will make sure that you will successfully reach new customers.
Selected screens in Piła:
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