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Pruszcz Gdański

  • Location: province pomorskie
  • Over 26,000 inhabitants will see your advertisement
  • In Pruszcz Gdański, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
The city is neighboring with Gdańsk to the south and is located along national road no. 91 and the main railway line to Warsaw. The Tri-city ring-road and the road junction starting the A1 highway are located to the south from the city. Such location makes Pruszcz Gdański generate large road and railway traffic (travels to work, school, shopping or holidays). It is advantageous for outdoor advertising which is viewed by many passengers and drivers. Choose effective advertising and invest in outdoor.

The Radunia channel together with dykes and the accompanying buildings, the Holy Cross Church with a parish house, the Virgin Mary the Protector Church and the Russotschin mansion are among the monuments which attract tourists and visitors to the city, Large format advertising presents information about your business to customers and increases your profits.
Screens available in Pruszcz Gdański:
Pruszcz Gdański is a well-organised city. There is modern housing and commercial infrastructure in the centre of the city. The city received the Honorable Award of the Polish Urban Planners Association in the competition for the best developed public area. There is also the Baltic Investment Zone in Pruszcz. Companies from the textile, electronic and foodstuff branch have their factories and warehouses here. Development of business attracts businessmen, suppliers and employees to the city. Each of them can be your customer. Focus on outdoor advertising and find new customers.
Selected screens in Pruszcz Gdański:
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