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  • Location: Mazowieckie province
  • Over 215,000 residents of Radom will learn about your business
  • In Radom, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Radom is a city where industry flourishes. The Łucznik Weapons Factory, RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne, Dürr Poland, International Tobacco Machinery, GGG, Zakłady Automatyki KOMBUD, TECHMATIK, Jadar, Imperial Tobacco, and Medicofarma – these are just some examples proving that Radom is an excellent place for investing. If you decide to place outdoor advertisements in Radom, you will easily find new business partners, suppliers, and most importantly, customers.

Radom is a city with an excellent location. International roads S7 and S12 run through here, and its distance to Warsaw, Łódź, and Lublin is barely over 100 km in either direction. An obvious advantage for the city is, of course, the Radom-Sadków airport, which within its operating radius, live 3,000,000 people. All this ensures that thanks to outdoor advertising in Radom, new clients will hear about your business, and you will boost your profits.
Screens available in Radom:
Every two years, the largest international air show in Poland takes place in Radom. It attracts numerous tourists, not only from Poland but from abroad as well. This is an excellent opportunity to inform them about what you can offer. Give yourself a chance and invest in outdoor advertising in Radom.
Selected screens in Radom:
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