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  • Location: Pomorskie province
  • Over 46,000 residents of Rumia will learn about your business
  • In Rumia, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media
Rumia is a perfect place for tourists. Nearby, just 9 km from the city center, there is a sea beach with a bathing area water equipment rental, and a windsurfing school. Sightseeing in the city and its vicinity is easy thanks to bicycle routes going to the east of Rumia and Reda, and across fields to Wejherowo. Visitors also come here for the traditional Kashubian Fair. Outdoor advertising in Rumia will ensure that what you offer, will reach guests and tourists not only from Poland, but from abroad as well. Use this chance and invest in large format advertising.

Rumia lies within the Tri-City Landscape Park, making it a very attractive location for businesses. Rumia is located at national road no. 6, going to Szczecin, as well as the railway line Gdańsk-Szczecin. Such a location guarantees intense traffic – residents of Rumia and the tri-city area, commute to work, school, shops or to beaches. Outdoor advertising guarantees that you will reach them all with what you offer.
Screens available in Rumia:
Tourists come to the city not only because of its closeness to the sea, but also for Kultura Station, opened in 2014. It is a renovated railway station, transformed into a modern cultural center. The station was deemed the most beautiful library in the world, and ranked 1st in the competition Library Interior Design Awards in the category of Single Space Design. Each person visiting Rumia can become your client. Thanks to outdoor advertising, visitors from other cities will learn about what you offer as well, helping to boost your profits.
Selected screens in Rumia:
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