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  • Location: Podkarpackie province
  • Over 187,000 residents will learn about your business
  • In Rzeszów, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Rzeszów is a high-flying city, offering excellent exposure for your business through outdoor advertising. Here, you will easily find new clients; over 26 thousand companies operate within the city, and are serviced by more than 800 financial and support institutions. The most important company in Rzeszów is Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów, producer of aircraft engines. Other major companies include Alima-Gerber, Zelmer, and D.A. Glass. Thanks to large format advertising, entrepreneurs, suppliers, and most importantly, new customers will get to know your business.

In addition, it is the area of the Rzeszów-Dworzysko Special Economic Zone. Near the city, the A-4 motorway crosses the S19 expressway and the E-30 railway line. Also, nearby is the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport. Excellent communication attracts entrepreneurs, tourists and visitors to Rzeszów. Let them get to know you, and advertise on Cityboard Media vehicles.
Screens available in Rzeszów:
Rzeszów, however, is not just a place of business. A major cultural event attracting guests from Poland and abroad is the Carpathian Music Festival. Rzeszów has one of the largest sports and entertainment arenas in Poland, the Podpromie Center. Here, sporting and cultural events, concerts, fairs, and other functions take place. Do you want these visitors and tourists to Rzeszów, learning about your business? Advertise on large format Cityboard Media vehicles.
Selected screens in Rzeszów:
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