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  • Location: Pomorskie (Pomeranian) province
  • More than 95,000 residents of Słupsk will find out what you have on offer
  • You can run your campaign in Słupsk using Cityboard media
Słupsk is one of the most beautiful cities in central Pomerania. The greatest attractions of its surrounding region are the Baltic coast, the many lakes (8441 in total), and the Słowiński National Park, which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Słupsk is a city where something is always happening. The EU Eurofest International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Women’s Art Meetings, the Słupsk Literary Spring, international trout and salmon fishing competitions, and “Alone on the Stage” – the final of a solo drama competition – these are just a few examples of the events that attract tourists and visitors to the city from all over Poland. Through outdoor advertising, all of them can find out about your business. Choose to expand your business and invest in large-format advertising in Słupsk.

Słupsk is a city of importance throughout the region and beyond. Thousands of people from surrounding towns come here to work, to attend school, and to shop. The city is also a transport hub, lying at the intersection of two national roads and two railway lines, and also on the E28 European route. All of this increases the value of outdoor advertising. High volumes of road and rail traffic mean that large-format advertisements reach drivers and passengers effectively. Take advantage of this potential and invest in outdoor advertising in Słupsk.
Screens available in Słupsk:
The city is a favourable location for enterprise development. The Słupsk Special Economic Zone has been in existence for 20 years. Businesses are supported by such organisations as the Słupsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Słupsk Technological Incubator and the Słupsk Business Innovation and Enterprise Association. Outdoor advertising will make it easy to find new partners in business, suppliers, and most importantly customers.
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