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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Your advertisement will reach almost 210,000 residents
  • In Sosnowiec, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media
Industry and trade are developing dynamically in Sosnowiec. More than 24 thousand businesses operate in the city (more than 51% of employees work in the service sector, and 48% in the processing sector). 160 companies with foreign capital are seated in Sosnowiec. They include, among others: Timken, Foster Wheeler Energia, Automotive Lighting, and Magneti Marelli Exhaust System Polska, and attract business partners, and suppliers to the city. All of them can become your clients. Outdoor advertising will allow you to inform them about your products and services.

Sosnowiec is located close to the A4 motorway, as well as the S1 and S86 expressways. Thanks to this proximity, visitors from the whole country come to the city. This is a huge chance to increase your number of clients. Thanks to large format advertising in Sosnowiec, all people coming to the city will learn about your business.
Screens available in Sosnowiec:
With 11 parks, 5 sport stadiums, 3 event centers, two swimming pools, bathing areas, and Orliki centers – residents can choose among many possibilities to spend their free time. Outdoor advertising will ensure that you reach active people, who spend their free-time outdoors, with your information. There are also many sightseeing attractions in Sosnowiec, attracting thousands of tourists to the area. Among them include Sielecki Castle, Dietel Palace, Schön Palace with its park and palace ensemble, Wilhelm Palace, Folk House in the Zakopane style, Mieroszewscy Manor House, Piątkowski Villa, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary. Outdoor advertising in Sosnowiec will ensure that all of them will learn about what you offer, helping to increase your sales.
Selected screens in Sosnowiec:
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