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  • Location: province śląskie
  • Nearly 130,000 inhabitants will see your advertisement
  • In Tychy, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
Fiat Auto Poland, Kompania Piwowarska - Browar Tychy, Isuzu Motors Polska, ZPSO Rosa, are just a few of the companies which decided to invest in Tychy. The city created favourable business conditions. The Tychy Subzone of the Special Katowice Economic Zone, with 50 enterprises and over 11,000 employees. Large format advertising enables you to inform other companies, suppliers and the residents of Tychy and its neighbouring towns about what you offer.

National and express roads cross the city, as well as the A1, and A4 highways. Outdoor advertising in Tychy guarantees expansion of your group of customers, to include people visiting and passing through the city.
Screens available in Tychy:
Tychy also offer parks, squares, and the Princes of Pszczyna forests (famous for their fauna and flora). Greenspaces constitute over half of the city area (172 m2 of greenspaces, and 7.2 m2 of city greenery per one inhabitant). Adding Paprocańskie lake, you have perfect conditions for rest, relaxation, and outdoor activities. Through outdoor advertising in Tychy, you can easily present your message to active people, spending their time outdoors.
Selected screens in Tychy:
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