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  • Location: Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) Province
  • Outdoor advertising lets you reach more than 630,000 consumers and possible customers
  • In Wrocław, you can run your campaign on such advertising media as cityboads, and supercityboards
Wrocław is the kind of city that will inject energy into your business, and let you increase your profits. How, you might ask? If you invest in outdoor advertising in Wrocław, your message will reach a few hundred thousand city residents, and tourists visiting such attractions as Panorama Racławicka [Panorama of the Battle of Racławice], Ostrów Tumski, Wrocław Market Square, the city zoo, and Afrykarium. Thanks to large format advertising, your business shall be promoted among young, well-educated people with good incomes; in terms of income per resident, Wrocław ranks second, just behind Warsaw. The capital of Lower Silesia houses the registered offices of such companies as Google, Nokia, E&Y, Opera Software, and Qatar Airlines. There are more than 60 business services-centres, employing more than 22 thousand people. It is a great target group for each and every business. Be sure to benefit from its potential!
Screens available in Wrocław:
Wrocław has a great transportation system. Its airport is a perfect complement to an extensive rail, and road system (namely the A8 and A4 highways, and the S5 express road). Advertising media in Wrocław shall encourage other entrepreneurs, customers, and suppliers, visiting the city everyday, take an interest in your company. It also needs to be emphasized that Wrocław is the leading academic centre (with 28 higher education facilities), cultural centre (it was the European Capital of Culture in 2016), and athletic centre (home to Śląsk Wrocław, of the Polish premier league). All you have to do is to invest in outdoor advertising!
Selected screens in Wrocław:
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