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  • Location: Łódzkie province
  • Over 57,000 residents of Zgierz will learn about your business
  • In Zgierz, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
5,669 companies operate in Zgierz; the majority (over 1,600) belong to the trade and service sector. Established in the city is the Zgierz Subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone. Entrepreneurship is supported by Boruta Zgierz Industrial Park, opened in 2003, which attracts entrepreneurs, suppliers, and business partners to the city. Companies seated in the Park are also job-providers – each day, thousands of people from Zgierz and its surroundings come here to work. Thanks to large format advertising, they will learn about your offer, and you will gain new clients.

Zgierz lies near Łódź, and its many residents go to there for shopping, to school, and work. Mobility acts in favor of outdoor advertising. Each person travelling by car or by public transport will learn about your offer thanks to our media campaign.
Screens available in Zgierz:
The A2 motorway, national roads no. 91 and 71, as well as provincial road no. 702, make Zgierz a well-connected city. Thanks to its location, it is visited by people from the whole country. Use this potential and invest in outdoor advertising, guaranteeing that residents of Zgierz and its neighbours will learn about your business.
Selected screens in Zgierz:
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