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  • Location: province śląskie
  • Nearly 60,000 inhabitants of Żory will see your advertisement
  • In Żory, you can present your campaigns on cityboard advertising boards
Żory is a good place to develop your business. Over 70% of the inhabitants are qualified staff in the production age. There is the Jastrzębsko-Żorska Subzone of the Katowice Economic Zone which attracts companies and provides employment to the inhabitants. An additional advantage of the city is closeness of the south border of Poland. Because of outdoor advertising, your business will enter a new dimension - you can reach new customers (not only from Poland), present your offer and increase your turnover.

A1 highway, national road no. 81, province roads no. 924, 932, 935 make Żory an easily acceptable city with a very good location. A large network of roads enables large format advertising to present information about your business to customers from other cities and increase your profits.
Screens available in Żory:
The only Fire Museum in Poland attracts tourists and guests to the city. Because of multimedia exhibitions and interactive presentations, visiting the museum is an unforgettable experience. Outdoor advertising in Żory allows all people visiting the Fire Museum to learn about your business. Do not wait, order outdoor now.
Selected screens in Żory:
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